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Silsan® Cream INJ: VOC-free, high viscosity hydrophobic injection cream especially designed for bore hole injection/wall draining application. It is an effective and durable protection from moisture.

Silsan creams are creamy impregnating agents based on silanes. They provide the necessary protection from water intrusion to the building material while preserving the water vapour permeability and without affecting the material surface optically.

Silsan® Cream INJ has a very high active content and used in concentrated form without dilution with water  or solvents. It is especially designed to be used wall draining by means of drill hole injection.

The product for a long lasting silicone barrier inside the wall, reliable protecting the entire building from rising damp and allowing the brickwork above the injection layer to dry.

– simple, drip-free application 
– very high active material content
– extraordinary penetration depth
– easy to pump and dose, no loss
– alkaline resistance
– etc.

Silsan® Cream INJ suits to be used with any kind of material substances and certified by  WTA and CE.

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