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JELUXYL wood fibres:
Functional wood products supplied as powder, flakes or granulate, and produced from quality selected raw materials for various industries.

Jeluxyl® WEHO grades: Softwood products made from fir and spruce

Jeluxyl® HAHO grades:Hardwood products made from beech

Jeluxyl® HW grades: Softwood flakes made from fir and spruce

Jeluxyl® WPC types: Wood plastic composite (WPC) is a new compound combining the advantages of two approved materials: wood and plastic.

WPC consists of different proportions of wood, plastic and additives. By means of filler concentration and additives, the properties of the compound can be customised. The melting point, viscosity, tensile and flexural strengths, impact strength, elongation at break, colour, weather resistance and insect resistance may be varied according to the application area. And the possibilities the new material offers have not yet been fully exhausted. WPC has so far been used to manufacture numerous products such as decking, fences, railings, cladding or siding, skirting boards, floor tiles, coverings, window frames and noise protection walls.