Wetting agents

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Wetting/leveling or wetting/dispersant agents in our portfolio:

BioWet (ADDAPT-CHEM) anionic wetting/leveling agents are recommended for water-based products in wide range application: paints and coating; inks; lacquers; plasters; adhesives; wood adhesives etc. BioWet Broshure

Main types:

BioWet 150R: excellent water retention properties; improves Wet-Edge (open time) of emulsion paints and lacquers.

BioWet 175R: improves open time and flow in masonry coatings and plasters; compatible with (potassium) MetaSilicate.

BioWet 200R: excellent pigment dispersant for organic pigments; compatibilizer for emulsion systems  with K-Silicates.

BioWet 450R: special for plasters! Very effective against formation pinhole, pores and cracks. Excellent compatibility with Silicones and K-Silicate.