Wall-paper glue (ready-to-use)

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CMC based wall-paper glue products  are ready-to-use  and easy handling materials. Continuously are available in our warehouse in 25 kg sacks packaging which is suitable for direct application or for repacking.


– highly economical

– good price-value rate  

– cellulose based environmental friendly

– easy to resolve to remove the wall-paper


TiCELL F4: traditional fluffy form of wallpaper glue.

Very economical what is more than 40 years are present in Hungary.

Offered for easy and normal wallpapers.

TiCELL P/90G: High quality, environmental friendly product.

Offered for heavy wallpapers, posters, “Raufaser” wallpapers.

TiCELL DTK HV 350G: High quality, high viscosity, pseudo-plastic granulated glue.

Offered for “Vlies” and glass-fiber wallpapers too.

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