UV absorbers and stabilisators (UVA/HALS)

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In order to protect water based coatings from damage caused by UV radiation, we recommend the combination of two ADEKANOL products, as the functions are different:

ADEKA NOL UC 3140; UC 3125 UVA (UV absorbent):

– works as prevention of damage from UV, it absorbs UV radiation

– the smaller the particle size is, the more effective the UVA is

– 25% és 40% active content types

– 60 nm és 120 nm particle size types

ADEKA NOL UC 606 HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer):

– works as a countermeasure to damage caused by UV, it traps free radicals

– 47% active content

– 300 nm particle size

TDS Adeka NOL UC 3140& 3125 UVA;