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TiKEM PAC/PAC NFE-R is pure grade, high molecular grade Polyanionic Cellulosic Polymer (PAC) which is designed as shale inhibitor, fluid loss reducer and viscosifier.


TiKEM PAC/PAC NFE-R is a high performance product, readily dispersible in water base drilling muds ranging from fresh water to saturated salt water to KCl systems. It is effective in a wide range of pH. TiKEM PAC/PAC NFE-R reduces friction losses normally occurring during vertical and horizontal drilling. TiKEM PAC/PAC NFE-R provides excellent hole cleaning, improves the rate of penetrations and decreases friction losses. Furthermore TiKEM PAC/PAC NFE-R shields clay and shale from disintegration by water, preventing them from becoming wet and sloughing into the hole. TiKEM PAC/PAC NFE-R acts as a viscosifier and gives a shear thinning fluid with good yield point to plastic viscosity ratio. Fluid loss reduction provided by TiKEM PAC/PAC NFE-R in drilling fluids is a result of the long polymer chain. It builds up a thin, pliable and resilient filter cake. Temperature resistance of TiKEM PAC/PAC NFE-R is dependent on different variables such as pH, oxygen content, salt and concentrations of salts present, fluid shear rate and exposure temperature. It has been successfully field used up to 300°F (150°C).

TiKEM PAC/PAC NFE-R is not subject to degradation from microbiological attack.

Suggested dosage is in the range of 1.5-5, 5 kg/m3 water. Improving effectiveness of bentonite mud suggested dosage is: 0, 5-2 kg/m3 mud.