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TiKEM FOAM EM is a water soluble anionic surfactant used as a foaming agent and formulated to be especially effective in fresh, hard and brackish waters.


TiKEM FOAM EM is used in stiff foam and mud misting operations. It is useful in drilling unstable formations, large diameter holes and in lost circulation conditions.

In a wide range of varying drilling conditions TiKEM FOAM EM produces high quality foam of the most desirable consistency (in bubble and uniformity) for efficient air-foam drilling.

TiKEM FOAM EM also reduces sticking tendency of wet clays, thereby eliminating mud rings, wall packing and the like.

The recommended concentrations of TiKEM FOAM EM vary from 0.5 to 2 % by volume on the water.

The product is available from stock in 25kg plastic kegs.