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TiCELL P  SCMC technical grade specifically developed as an additive for interior dispersion wall paint and plaster. Excellent thickener with good adhesion ability. It helps film formation and increases viscosity, improving hiding power of paints and reduces paint run. The texture of CMC-water solution will be jelly; it gives a special creamy form- “Yoghurt effect”. 

Generally all of CMC producers are offering some of their types for paint production but TiCELL P series are designed and tested individually for interior dispersion paints by our own know-how; based on our 25 years experience.

Actually –uniquely– we have 4 different types creating by the special demands of interior paint production technologies.

TiCELL P/60 G és TiCELL P/90 G

Application for pre-solution system we suggest preparing a pre-gel.  The result can be a very homogen and stable solution. The popularity of this type is continuous and unbroken  from 2010 when it was introduced on markets. Wide ranges of Customers we have included small; medium and multinational producers. (Thanks to them)


Application for “direct addition” technology. TiCELL P/HV FS will hydrate easily when added to water. Thanks to the newest developing results in 2015 this product has a very special -unique at technical grade- particle size distribution what ensures the easy dispersibility and not creating lumps and fish eyes. Within 20 minutes it can reach 90% dissolved form, almost transparent and it improves the capacity of paint production.


Application for Skim coat/Glett mass/ Fine plaster/Putty production. Light powder form. Ideal for mixing with gypsum to create an excellent fine plaster. Thanks to light powder form easy to mix on dry form and also suitable as thickener for ‘ready-to-use’ dispersion plaster/glett/putty. It gives proper plasticity and optimal open time.

A TiCell R  types we can offer minimum 98% high active content purified CMC grade for dispersion paint and plaster production. It can fulfil the higher quality requirements of water resistance. Low and medium viscosity types are available.

For more information please open the leaflet:  TiCELL P leaflet or contact us.