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Industrial and automotive fluids, on many occasions, require an additive that improves the adhesion and/or tackiness of the fluid to the surface, which is lubricated with lubricant or greases.

PiB, natural rubber and latex dissolved in mineral oil or esters are known to be excellent additives which provide such kind of properties.

Applications: Tackifiers find their application in many different areas: Automotive chassis greases, industrial extreme pressure greases, automotive undercoating, bar and chain saw oil, pneumatic drill oil, gear oils, spindle oils, machine oils, cutting oils etc.


TAC M 55: concentrated PiB solution in mineral oil

TAC M 7: light colours, high performing PiB in mineral oil

TAC M 9: colourless, low viscous, high performing PiB

TAC E 60: natural rubber dissolved  in vegetable oil, ready biodegradable