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A Silsan® Micro Conc. is a solvent-free, water dilutable silicone microconcentrate, based on silanes and silicone resins. WTA certified product.

Diluted with clean tap water, the product forms a microemulsion which is used as an impregnating agent and priming coat for mineral and alkaline construction materials.

Silsan® Micro Conc. also has reinforcing properties and promotes wall drainage. It does not form a film and, due to its extremely fine emulsion, penetrates deeply into the construction material.  It is suitable to be effectively used at wall moisture level of up to 80%!

The physical properties of the treated material, in particular its water vapour permeability (sd value), are not negatively affected.

Silsan® Micro Conc. is characterized by the following properties:

– Clear, low viscosity, easily diluted with tap water
– Solvent- and water-free
– Deep material penetration
– Excellent water repellent and reinforcement properties
– Stops rising damp and prevents efflorescence
– Can be applied on damp materials
– Solutions must be used up the same day

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