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Silsan®  silicone resin binders – The basis of modern, breathable masonry coatings.

Our Silsan silicone resin emulsions have been particularly developed to manufacture high quality silicone resin coatings. In combination with polymer emulsions based on artificial resins they form the binder of the coating, while giving it properties such as:

– exceptional water repellency in combination with a high water vapour permeability

– good resistance to weathering and UV light

– a natural matt, microporous appearance

– outstanding longevity and thus economic efficiency

– simple and uncomplicated applicability on nearly all kinds of substrate

Basic types:

Silsan® WR-2100: cost effective, solvent-free product for exterior paints and plasters.

Silsan® HSB-GS: extremely strong binding strength, high wet scrub resistance, solvent-free product for exterior paints and plasters.

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