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ADDAPT® DISP 600 is an excellent solvent-free dispersant for TiO2, mineral pigments and fillers. It is also excellently suitable for colorants and reactive pigments. ADDAPT® DISP 600 is a very low- and narrow molecular weight Polyacrylate dispersant having a sodium cation.


– recommended for use in formulations with medium – high PVC (30 – 80 %)

– the gloss of emulsion paint and lacquers is not influenced by the addition of ADDAPT® DISP 600

– the product shows high glycol compatibility

– the very narrow molecular weight distribution of ADDAPT® DISP 600 guarantees a high effectiveness in dispersing properties

– in comparison with most dispersants the abrasion values are significantly lower

– pH application range: 4 – 13

 – it optimises the absorption of tinting pastes for emulsion paints


– Paint industry

– Printing ink industry

– Paper coating industry

– Adhesives industry

– Concrete industry

Disp 600_broshure