Anionic surfactant (phosphate ester)

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PEX phosphate esters are 100% active anionic surfactants; mixtures of mono- and di-esters.

Functional properties:

– Emulsification

– Solubilisation

– Corrosion inhibition

– Surface wetting

– Excellent lubrication

– Dispersant

– Anti-static

– Detergency

– Anti scale

– Derusting

Basic types:

PEX 136: offered for active liquid cleaners like: hard surface & meal cleaners; laundry detergents; bottle washing compounds; dish and glass rinsing; household detergents; electrolyte cleaners; wall/floor/tile/glass cleaners; heavy duty liquids and acidic cleaners

PEX 80B: is recommended for oil/ solvent based systems like: metalworking fluids; hydraulic oils; gear oils; lubricating oils etc.

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