TiKEM STOP absorbent

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TiKEM STOP is an organic polymer capable of absorbing water 50 – 800 times its own weight. This characteristic causes the swelling of the granules greater than 10 times of the original size. Once the polymer has absorbed water, it can be released only by chemical action and not by squeezing the swollen granules.

TiKEM STOP can be used in several applications:

1. LUBRICANT FOR PIPE JACKING OR DRILLING FLUIDS Improve the lubricity power of traditional polymer and bentonite fluids especially in case of high density of cuttings. For this application the dosage of TiKEM STOP is normally between 0, 5 – 1 kg/m3 mud.

2. REDUCING FLUID LOSS AND GROUNDWATER CONTROL Carried by the mud into the fractures and voids of permeable ground, increases his volume and avoids any loss of circulation. It is also useful against groundwater movement. Dosage depends on the severity of the fluid loss, on the nature of the soil formation and on the groundwater salinity. Just as an indication the dosage of TiKEM STOP varies from 0, 5 to 5 Kg / m3 water or mud.

Application is very simple: just mix it to the fluid and working as usual. With the circulation the grown granulates continuously will close the slots and drilling can be finishing. In case of groundwater these granules are “drinking” the water and creating gel/solid mass formation from the liquid gives the chance to stop flowing or to remove it. It is important to ensure enough free water in order to achieve proper rate of swelling.

3. DISPOSAL OF WASTE FLUIDS Added to aqueous waste it transforms them into a solid mass that can be easily removed. In this application TiKEM STOP can be used from the concentration of 5 Kg / m3 of fresh water up to 10 – 15 Kg / m3 of salt, hard and/or polluted water systems. However, in presence of salts, the effectiveness of the polymer can be reduced.