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Building facades, concrete structures and other construction materials are being furnished with water repellent silicones which offer effective and lasting protection from intrusion of the water. However in many cases, this treatment is not sufficient. This is particularly true if, in addition to the water repellent effect, resistance to grease, oil, dirt and food stains is required, for example in kitchen areas or garages.

This is where Silsan® FC product line come into play. They are based on modern PFOA and PFOS free C6 fluorine compounds.

Silsan®FC products: effective water, dirty, grease, oil, food stain repellency on surfaces of marble, cotto, travertine, and other natural and artificial stones.

For more information please check our catalogue: Graf Impregnating Stone

Silsan®Cream silicon impregnating creams: ready-to-use products for easy handling of impregnation and priming. They are suitable for impregnating porous, mineral based construction materials such as bricks, clinker, plaster etc.


 – excellent penetration properties with extraordinary penetration depth

– simple, drip-free application with unproblematic overhead workability

– the desired quantity can be applied without any loss

– alkaline resistance and UV resistance

– perfectly suited for concrete repair

– no any effect on the colour of the surface


Silsan® TKL-P: cream of 20% concentration

Silsan® KL-P: cream of 40% concentration, very viscous form

Silsan® KL-R: cream of 40% concentration with oil, grease and dirty repellent property

Silsan® Cream INJ: high quality product; especially  for wall injection application

For more information please check our catalogue: Graf Impregnating Cream