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Silsan® silicon impregnating agents protects your house from water, frost and mould; they act by forming water repellent silicone resins on the material surface. The benefits of silicone resins are their water repellency, their resistance form weathering and UV light.

Typical fields of application:

– substrate impregnation before applying subsequent coatings

– impregnation of absorbent facades and exterior walls

– water repellent treatment of bricks, clinker, natural and artificial stones, other construction material.

Water soluble agents:

Silsan® ACF: solvent-free, very special hydrophobic material for concrete and other cement based materials.

Special property of Silsan ACF  can be used as impregnating agent but when preparing the concrete may be included as an additive. In this case, the internal structure of the concrete will be water repellent, which can significantly increase its lifetime.

Silsan® Micro konz.: 100% concentration, water soluble products. Recommended for impregnation and suitable for bore hole injection/wall draining.

Solvent based agents:

Solvent soluble products has stronger water repellent effect and it has a resistance of other materials like oil, grease etc. therefore recommended impregnation of industrial floors, garages.

Silsan® SR-150: solvent containing mixtures of siloxanes and silicone resins. Thinnable in organic solvents.

Silsan® SR-300 konz.: 100% concentration, catalyst-free product. Soluble in organic solvents.

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